The Power of PR: Circle K Simply Great Coffee


Coffee is all the rage.

Everywhere you look, people are proudly clasping to-go cups in their hands—gingerly sipping a latte, cappuccino, espresso or cold brew.

The caffeine is necessary, the flavor comforting.

And the quickness associated with ordering a cup of joe is key for our on-the-go lifestyles. 

In a world that seems to be dominated by Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, Folgers and the third wave, however, launching a new coffee brand can be intimidating.

How do you convince folks that this premium product can go head-to-head with well-known coffee houses on flavor and quality?

How do you encourage them to forgo what they already know [and love] and try something new?

We at Approach love a good challenge.

So, when our client Circle K was ready to formally introduce Simply Great Coffee at their locations in Charlotte, NC, Columbia, SC and Augusta, GA, we put our heads together to build a campaign that amplifies the voices of local micro-influencers.

First step? Offer free cups of coffee during the morning commute in all three markets and open a temporary coffee shop setting inside four Charlotte stores.


Approach Marketing developed a plan to support and build on the above efforts—raising awareness of Simply Great Coffee and driving in-store tastings through a mix of everyday influencer, traditional and social media activities.


Partner with local influencers to share authentic reviews and develop content about Simply Great Coffee for use across Circle K's Facebook and Instagram channels.


Event Marketing
Invite influencers to a pop-up coffee shop for private, one-on-one tastings with a Circle K spokesperson

Media Outreach
Distribute a press release announcing the launch, with a focus on business, retail and lifestyle/coffee writers, millennial-focused news and entertainment sites and TV and radio news anchors/producers 

Influencer Engagement
Invite local mom and lifestyle influencers to serve as ambassadors for Simply Great Coffee—sampling the coffee at local stores, sharing reviews on their blogs and social channels and spreading the word about events and special offer

Social Media Support
Repurpose influencer content that mentions Simply Great Coffee on Circle K’s social channels, and coordinate geo-targeted Facebook ads for additional reach


545,000+ impressions and 2,200+ engagements, including blog posts, Instagram Stories and Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts.

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