MY APPROACH TO PARTNERING WITH CLIENTS is to authentically consult so brands can achieve the most effective marketing possible—so they can be the best-in-class.
— Trisha Brand, Managing Director, Indianapolis


TRISHA BRAND, Managing Director, Indianapolis


In her near 17-year career, Trisha Brand has been on all sides of the marketing equation—as a publicist, magazine writer/editor, marketer and sales consultant. “Understanding all sides of the business has truly helped me develop a strong business acumen to create campaigns that drive sales, audience growth and customer engagement,” says Brand. Through it all, she’s thrived in helping companies of all sizes excel in their marketing efforts.  

Trisha is a passionate, empathetic and strategic marketer with a strong quality for both developing—and implementing—effective campaigns. She has launched (and re-energized) brands while clocking in at Food & Wine, Bon Appetit, Playboy, Indianapolis Monthly and Green Bean Delivery, developing and directing large-scale consumer marketing campaigns. 

In four short months at a food blogging network, she developed and sold a successful and robust social media campaign to Buick—a first for General Motors. At Food & Wine, Trisha was awarded best “Brand Builder” for her willingness to perform an active and hands-on role associated with the Kraft client. 

Trisha holds a degree in journalism from Indiana University, where she concentrated in public relations. She has a passion for her community, oftentimes sitting on committees involving women in business, local food, childhood education or her beloved Broad Ripple neighborhood. In addition to family, fitness and food, she enjoys exploring her home state of Indiana with her family…and Instagramming the moments of each and every jaunt.



Helps find authentic strategies. The key to successful marketing today is building authentic influence within consumers, not authoritative “you should buy this” style.

Craves a good challenge. For work or fun, she gets jazzed when asked to be a resource to find event venues, themed party talent, key influencers and niche writers.

Loves a heartfelt story. The mediums may have changed over the years, but she thrives in telling–and learning from–effective storytelling. 

Is a trusted partner. She knows the best relationships are grounded in the most open, honest communication on both ends. The more that is shared upfront, the better.