MY APPROACH TO EMPOWERING CLIENTS is to truly listen, understand and internalize the challenges our partners face so we can create customized and actionable solutions to keep them moving forward.
— Sarah Ann Harris, Head of Accounts


SARAH ANN HARRIS, Head of Accounts


When Sarah Ann Harris decided to pursue a career in public relations, she had no idea it would feed the things that energize her most—connecting with others, thinking big and taking action. 

That essential combination continues to motivate Sarah Ann after almost 20 years in the marketing communications field and is the exact reason she joined the Approach team.

A quick-thinker and natural leader, Sarah Ann oversees the progress of all client accounts at the agency—providing expert client service, removing roadblocks when needed and delivering creative solutions in an ever-changing industry.

With leadership tenures at some of the biggest names in the industry, including Vice President at both Golin and Edelman, Sarah Ann has provided strategic insight for numerous global consumer brands such as Tiffany & Co., Hawaiian Tropic, Breyers and Huggies. 

Prior to joining Approach, she led client strategy and business development at Influence Central, one of the country's leading influencer marketing agencies, where she was responsible developing strategic word-of-mouth campaigns to address the marketing goals of the country’s leading brands.

Over the course of her career, Sarah Ann has established herself as an expert in client relationship management by serving hundreds of clients across dozens of industries and leading key multi-million-dollar accounts.

She thrives in the social media space by creating cutting-edge influencer and word-of-mouth initiatives and is always on top of the latest trends in the marketing industry, creating targeted marketing and communications programs for clients across the board.

Sarah Ann holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Journalism from Miami University. 



Is a sounding board and solutions-creator. She’s committed to practicing the immortal words of Vanilla Ice, "If you've got a problem, yo I'll solve it."

Believes in solid strategy. She makes sure every plan presented to clients successfully accomplishes their goals and is rooted in purpose.

Thinks big. Brainstorming, trend-spotting, break-through ideas; that’s where the magic happens. She loves transforming big dreams into reality. 

Finds beauty in process. She ensures everything at Approach run smoothly so our consultants can deliver the very best client experiences.