MY APPROACH TO BUILDING BRANDS is to understand its challenges and opportunities, then dig deeper to unlock creative, ownable, purposeful ways to tell a brand story and make meaningful connections with consumers.
— Meggan Needham, Business Development


MEGGAN NEEDHAM, Business Development


Meggan has been an avid consumer of media for as long as she can remember. Whether she was hanging on every word of a Barbara Walters special from way back when or following today’s minute-by-minute news online, she is always reading, watching and consuming media from the perspective of a publicist. Meggan searches for the heart of the story and seeks the most efficient way to tell it.

For the past 20 years, Meggan has given brands their moment in the media spotlight by crafting impactful stories. Grounded in consumer PR, social/digital and influencer marketing, Meggan specializes in strategic planning and partnerships, brand launches, revitalizations and reputation management. She has worked with iconic brands across food and beverage, household products, beauty, travel, technology and retail industries.

Meggan thrives on helping brands like Fresh Step litter, Jockey International, Quaker Oats, Hilton Hotels, Levi’s, Olive Garden, Columbia Crest Wine and the got milk? Milk Mustache campaign unlock their unique value proposition and engage core consumers in meaningful ways to earn media and influencer coverage and brand affinity.

Before influencer marketing became a legit media practice, Meggan served as a student ambassador for her alma mater, the University of Kansas where she earned a bachelor of science in Journalism with a degree in business communications. She still proudly flies her Jayhawk flag any chance she gets.



Is curious about every brand she encounters - from icons to newbies. She gets excited to peek behind the curtain to uncover the personality of a brand, define what sets it apart, intercept the consumer journey and amplify the brand story. 

Craves collaboration. She loves to be a part of an integrated team to reflect, share ideas, support cross functional teams and champion collective efforts to achieve success.

Is passionate about making meaningful connections. She believes brands need to engage people in authentic, meaningful ways to earn their loyalty and advocacy.

Serves as a champion for others. Whether it’s rooting for her kids’ sports teams, coaching a member of the Approach team or achieving a client success, she celebrates the big and small wins every day.