MY APPROACH TO BUILDING BRANDS is to take a human-to-human approach versus B2B or B2C. My genuine and engaging communication style is based on finding commonality but adding a good dose of personality and differentiation.
— Jen Brown, Account Manager


JEN BROWN, Account Manager


Jen’s expertise comes in seeing the potential in elevating a client’s brand. Always ready to dive right in, Jen’s favorite phrase is, “When can we start?” She likes to paint a picture for her clients, depicting how she would transform something strong into something truly superb. 

With specialties in business development, branding, content development, influencer engagement, social media and photography, Jen has an uncanny ability to serve just about any type of client—from small start-ups to Fortune 50 companies.

As an Account Director for a large healthcare advertising agency, Jen previously provided strategic insight on marketing and tactical communications—successfully launching four medical devices on a global scale.

Prior to that, Jen served as the marketing manager at a staffing and recruiting firm for the creative industry, and is proud to have contributed to a 74 percent revenue growth rate over three consecutive years.

For Jen, sleep is overrated. On the weekends, she keeps her creative juices flowing by running her own photography business, event rental space and outdoor artisan market in Ohio’s capital city. 

An East Coaster at heart, Jen received her bachelor of science in marketing from State University of New York at Oswego, but not before perfecting homemade bruschetta in between international business study sessions at the American University of Rome. She is a Certified Staffing Professional (CSP) with The American Staffing Association.



Is a natural-born marketer. She lives to tell stories that elevate brands. Excellence, not average, is her measure.

Developed an entrepreneurial spirit while growing up in a family-owned business. New opportunities and challenges light her fire.

Moonlights as a lifestyle, brand and portrait photographer. While Jen enjoys shooting in her industrial loft studio, she will never turn down a destination.

Travels extensively—and has lived on both U.S. coasts as well as Europe. She’s proud to have called Columbus, Ohio, home since 2000.