Janice Zielinski, PCM
Account Manager, Approach Marketing

Janice’s marketing career began at Cardinal Health, a Fortune 50 Company, with roles in integrated, eBusiness and corporate marketing. In these roles, she provided strategic marketing support to hospital customers and the senior sales leaders that interacted with them.
Over time, Janice had an increasing interest in the education industry. This led her to Battelle for Kids, a national, not-for-profit bringing solutions to empower and support teachers, leaders, and school systems to reach every learner.

As Senior Director of Marketing, Janice developed marketing strategies to build awareness of Battelle for Kids’ services, solutions, and products. She also regularly engaged with education organizations across the country who were collaborating with Battelle for Kids through national presentations, events, product development and other partnerships.

Janice Zielinski has 16 years of strategic marketing and communications experience and has provided counsel and implementation support to school systems in California, D.C., Florida, Georgia, Illinois, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas.

In this role, she helped school leaders build awareness and cultivate commitment among internal and external stakeholders as they led and managed change when introducing new policies and practices to improve teaching and learning.

Her work has been recognized with the Central Ohio Public Relations Society of America PRism Award, the American Marketing Association Achievement in Marketing Award and the Ohio School Public Relations Association Mark of Distinction.
Janice is a graduate of the College of Business at Ohio University with her Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing. In the Fall of 2016, Janice also pursued and became a Professional Certified Marketer through the American Marketing Association.