Protect your hard-earned brand equity.

Crises come in all shapes and sizes. And we know it's not if a crisis hits, but when.

Preparing for the unexpected is a common component of a strong public relations plan, but frequently gets overlooked in favor of other more appealing priorities.

But crisis communication is a requirement for organizations that are interested in protecting their hard-earned brand equity.

According to a survey completed by KRC Research, the two biggest factors that influence respondents' opinions about a company are: what customers say about them and how they react in a crisis.

It turns out, if you can handle a crisis with integrity, you can actually restore trust and credibility.

As part of the crisis communication planning process, we coordinate a detailed vulnerability assessment and then develop a comprehensive plan to put your company in a position to respond promptly, appropriately and with confidence during an emergency.

From updated media materials to easily-accessible contact lists to emergency notification systems, we'll take you beyond simply anticipating a crisis to guaranteeing that you're prepared for one.  





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