Christian Deuber
Social Media Director, Approach Marketing

Christian Deuber has made it his life’s work to help brands make real-time connections with fans and potential customers on the most popular and trending social media channels.

With more than 20 years of experience as a social media strategist, advertising specialist and content marketing creator for consumer brands and restaurants, Christian was an early adopter and beta tester of emerging technologies.

Christian co-founded Coexist to leverage developing digital technologies and develop custom websites, and then established Launch Farm to cultivate fresh tactics on new social channels as they take the world by storm. He consults directly with brands and also partners with design and marketing professionals to deliver distinctive social media campaigns that are aligned with the overall brand strategy and hyper-targeted to the ideal audience.

With an impressive client roster that includes Adidas, Victoria's Secret, Ecco Domani Wines, LEGO, Microsoft and the Columbus Blue Jackets, Christian has engaged millions of followers through Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter as well as helped companies generate record-setting sales and spikes in traffic, brand awareness and likeability.

A five-time Public Relations Society of America PRism award winner, he also supported a $390K crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for Trident Design’s Quickey.

Christian holds degrees in Journalism, Marketing and Economics from The Ohio State University.